Best Restaurants & Places in Birmingham

23 Best Restaurants & Places in Birmingham, AL | 2023 (Top Eats!)

Birmingham is often called the magical city with its enamoring landmarks that displays the city’s historical past which bloomed with a spirited culture. The city also has dazzling picturesque views at every corner and leaves an unforgettable impression on travelers through its notable cuisine. A lot of gastronomists frequently visit this majestic city as it’s one of Alabama’s most crowded regions and hence has an outstanding food creation reputation.

Therefore anywhere you go, you will find culinary delights as the prevalence of daunting restaurants here cater to your preferences. The dishes range from simple American staple food choices to traditional seafood, high-quality non-veg options, and vegetarian options too.

But restaurants that focus on exotic creations are the most famous here and thereby diversify one’s culinary adventure through its numerous global dishes. Also, the iconic white barbecue sauce was invented in this charming city which is one of the reasons why food experts dub this place a significant player in culinary creations.

So if your intention for coming here is to discover Birmingham’s culinary delights, then for that we have formulated a list of some of the best Birmingham restaurants to find you an excellent place to eat in the city.

Best Restaurants in Birmingham

1. Highlands Bar & Grill

Highlands Bar & Grill

Why it’s a must visit?

The Highlands Bar and Grill has a legendary history of serving southern food for almost three decades with consistent quality and superb creations.

The restaurant was founded by an award-winning chef who is also an Alabama native, Frank State, along with his wife, Paradis.

Through its assorted years of experience, this Highlands bar and grill restaurant has become one of the top restaurants in Birmingham.

The restaurant was recognized by the reputed James Beard Foundation awards every year from 2009 to 2017, which no other restaurant could compete against.

So any food Birmingham al enthusiast who is looking forward to southern flavors which are fused with the delicate touch of French spices should visit this place as it’s truly excellent in this area.

It also has a seasonal menu which offers people the liberty to experiment with different dishes in different seasons. 

Chef’s Choice

Begin your dinner Birmingham al with their warm vegetable stew, which contains healthy ingredients like sweet peas, beacon pesto, bulb onions, and leeks.

Other two dishes which are frequently ordered at this place are their pan-seared flounder and their delicious prime New York steak.

Also, try adding their half dozen of oyster shells to your dishes to enhance your overall signature southern experience.

Make sure that you finish your meal on a sweet note by grabbing a bite of their decadent chocolate caramel cake that comes with overflowing toothsome flavors.

2. Half Shell Oyster House of Birmingham

Half Shell Oyster House of Birmingham

Why it’s a must visit?

The half Shell oyster House restaurant is a highly reputed diner established in the year 2008 in Mississippi and has won several awards for its culinary excellence.

Since its opening in the year of 2008, the restaurant has expanded its branches to 14 distinct locations in the US, with one in Birmingham Alabama too.

It’s one of the must eat places in the city as it serves authentic dishes which reflect a true southern culinary reflection in the truest sense.

It’s one of the few casual restaurants which lets you feast on its seafood dishes with a southern twist that is perfect if you are coming here with a group of friends.

Visitors also love coming here as the restaurant has an overall charming atmosphere with amiable staff members.

Chef’s Choice

Grab a plate of their smoky bacon shrimp & grits which comes with chopped bacon pieces, shredded Parmesan cream cheese, and green onions as its main ingredients.

The restaurant also highlights a New Orleans style by providing people with smoky Cajun sauce which is one of their most significant specialties.

Another great addition to your lunch would be their seafood pasta which needs no caption.

Make the best out of your dining in Birmingham al experience by trying their voodoo shrimp Po-boy which is unique as its name itself.

Give their Uptowner a try to as it comes with a high-quality filet and ribeye as its primary fillings and is a fantastic dish to devour.

3. Chez Fonfon

Chez Fonfon

Why it’s a must visit?

Chez Fonfon restaurant was established in the year 2000 and delivered French-inspired cuisine as it’s owned by a genuine French native named Paradis Stitt and Frank who are husband and wife.

The restaurant is located just some miles away from the renowned University of Alabama at Birmingham and therefore is frequently visited by university students.

It’s one of the best places to eat if you are craving authentic French cuisine in the most remarkable way.

The restaurant not only amazes people with its delicious authentic French dishes but also attracts them through its French-inspired interior with classic designs.

Because of all this, it’s considered to be one of the cool places to eat in the city.

It can be your typical go-to place if you want to grab a quick drink, especially on special Friday nights, which gives a special discount on various menu options and beverages.

Chef’s Choice

Get a taste of some of their moules fries which are made in a Basque-inspired technique and come with vermouth, shallots, and pimento as their fine ingredients.

But if you have a special adoration for seafood, then give their Mardi a try as it comes with roasted jumbo shrimp, which is made from simple ingredients like garlic and olive sauce.

Everything tastes much better if one decides to pair their dishes with the restaurant’s favorite Marcel Lapierre Morgan wine with a 2020 edition.

After you have tasted all these dishes and drinks, you will place this restaurant as one of the best ones in Birmingham.

4. El Barrio

El Barrio

Why it’s a must visit?

The El barrio restaurant brings Mexican flavor to America’s culinary scene that is wildly exotic for local people and travelers who live in the Alabama area.

It’s also just some blocks away from the beautiful Birmingham Museum of Art and McWane science center.

This restaurant has become one of the most popular diners in Birmingham due to its marvelous delicacies which are all inspired by Mexican culinary flavors.

As it’s a modern plus laid-back restaurant, it makes use of locally fetched ingredients and seafood caught by the local fisherman and derives its non-veg creations by humanely raising its own cattle with no unnecessary hormonal injections.

Its interior also delivers an immersing Mexican ambiance with original street art which has also acclaimed a lot of praise from the public.

One will definitely vibe with this place’s Mexican atmosphere as soon as they take a step into this lovely place.

Chef’s Choice

Get a massive plate of chicken enchiladas with their famous cheese-pulled chicken that comes with cotija, peppers, pickled onions, and red rice as its primary ingredients.

When it comes to sauces variety, get either get their red chipotle or the green tomatillo as your main sauce.

People who are crazy about cheesy dishes should not miss their delectable beef Barbacoa quesadilla at this place.

Finish your entire meal course by getting a rejuvenating Paloma drink that comes with a delicious mixture of lime, juice Cuervo, grapefruit, jarritos, and salt.

5. Amore Ristorante Italiano

Amore Ristorante Italiano

Why it’s a must visit?

The Amore Ristorante Italiano was founded in the year 2005 and is run by a renowned family in Birmingham.

The restaurant is located on the first floor of the populated Greystone center which is situated in the proximity of a major highway.

The restaurant has a romantic candlelit setup and features a luxurious pub-like setting for a pleasant dining experience in the city.

Its fancy and intimate vibe is one of the reasons why this restaurant is frequented by a lot of couples for a romantic dinner night.

The title of the restaurant, ‘Amore’ itself, stands for love in the Italian language and therefore caters to the fancies of every Birmingham al food lover who takes delight in feasting on charming Italian dishes.

The restaurant also uses top-quality ingredients, which makes the dishes a lot healthier and tastier.

Also, the wine masters here offer a much bigger feat to your entire feast as they are experts when it comes to recommending pairing choices.

Chef’s Choice

Try their classic dish named Vitello all Osso Bucco, which is one of their most highlighted here with the most decadent taste.

Another great addition to your feast is their Polpette Della Casa which comes seasoned with the restaurant’s most delicious and highly praised meatballs that add a lot of flavor to the entire dish.

Both of these delicate dishes make for a fantastic Italian dining experience.

In the end, get a slice of their delicious La Torta Italiano and a triple layer of Italian cream cake that offers your taste buds a decadent treat delight.

6. Bottega Restaurant

Bottega Restaurant

Why it’s a must visit?

The Bottega restaurant is a luxurious diner that blends southern cuisine with the darling taste of the Italian countryside.

The Stitt spouse founded the restaurant at the famous historical site named Bottega favorite that stretched back as far as 1988.

This place has an upscale atmosphere to it with diverse food options that any other restaurant could hardly match with their quality.

The Bottega restaurant is designed in a traditional sense and is one of the 5-star restaurants in Birmingham if you’re seeking extraordinary flavors within a calming setting.

It’s also one of the most excellent places to visit with your friends or your family and is even fantastic for couples who are looking for an atmospheric place to dine.

The restaurant provides people the option to either dine indoors or outdoors, which are both equally impressive in their surroundings.

So no matter the place, you are bound to feel secure at this restaurant.

Chef’s Choice

The Butcher’s pie is a great dish as it comes with pancetta, fennel sausage, eggplant, pancetta, and prosciutto di Parma as high-end ingredients.

But if you want to stick to the classics, order their Margherita pizza which has a familiar yet scrumptious taste.

After that, give the Paradis spaghetti a try, which uses several refreshing ingredients like fennel, tomatoes, sweet onions, seed, basil, and garlic.

Another favorite fan dish that has won several hearts is their Hangar Steak which uses the tenderest of meat.

Pair your Hangar Steak with their Rioja Olivier Riviera which is a ‘Gabaxo’ dish that is an authentic Spanish meal and is exceptionally satisfying.

7. Bistro Two Eighteen

Bistro Two Eighteen

Why it’s a must visit?

The bistro, two eighteen restaurants, is set inside a historical building and is a unique icon serving French-inspired cuisine in flavorful forms.

The restaurant was established by a native city member, Tom Saab, in the year 2012.

The restaurant caters to the fancies of two different types of people who love either American cuisine or European one.

As it has a seasonal menu, one gets to avail the taste of experimenting with several special meals every time they visit this place.

So if you find yourself in limbo finding where to eat in Birmingham, then this place should take the top spot as it gives one a notable food venture.

It also features an elegant bar where you can go to hang out if you want to try some drinks.

Chef’s Choice

Taste their delicious Pommes Frites or their New Orleans-inspired gumbo dish as your beginner meals.

As for the specialties, their Tournedos au Poivre makes for a good leading course choice but the thing that you don’t want to Miss here is their tenderloin which has a divine flavor.

The desserts here are decadent in flavors like their vanilla or chocolate flan cake.

If you somehow missed their delicious dessert wines, you don’t have to regret any more as you can choose to try their Nieport Twany which has a remarkable taste.

8. SAW’s Soul Kitchen

SAW's Soul Kitchen

Why it’s a must visit?

The SAW’s soul restaurant was established in beer in 2012 and has continued to enamor its guest with its delicious menu options.

The restaurant is a well-celebrated food chain spread across four locations in the US at Homewood, south side, Leeds, and Crestline.

It’s one of the most refined restaurants near me as it features fast food options that are perfect for grabbing a quick bite and also has a convenient location neighboring the public library.

The restaurant suits the need of anyone with any age or diet restrictions, especially for kids who fancy the food which is offered here.

So if you’re in a hurry and want a rapid friendly food near me service, then this is your go-to spot.

Chef’s Choice

Stick to their traditional dishes by ordering the restaurant’s authentic pulled pork sandwich that arrives with delicious coleslaw made from vinegar.

It would be extra good if you added their fries, cheese grits, and greens as complementary dishes, as they could further elevate your wholesome dining in experience.

As we said above, the restaurant caters to diet-restricted dishes as well by giving people the option to go for their gluten-free pulled pork if they wish to taste their delectable sandwiches as a heavy meal.

But if you are here with children, then you can pick any item from the menu, swift food options like their decadent chicken fingers, grilled cheese sandwiches, or their famous cheeseburger that come with overflowing cheese.

In the end, surprise yourself with their delightful banana pudding as your finishing dessert.

9. Melt


Why it’s a must visit?

Since its opening in the year 2014, the melt restaurant has become one of the signature restaurants in Birmingham Alabama for delivering decadent new American-style food with ultimate essence.

It’s also among the few dog-friendly diners in town due to its spacious outdoor setting that makes your pet feel free and excited.

The melt restaurant also has earned its reputation as one of the most praised and loved restaurants birmingham al because of the lovely experience that it provides to its guest and their pets. 

With one step into this pleasant place, one can smell the aroma of delicious dishes being cooked with a sophisticated interior design and light-colored ambiance.

But the most immense fun comes when the dishes arrive.

The restaurant has welcoming hospitality due to its separate menus for diet restrictions which are available for people with varied food preferences like vegan, vegetarian or gluten-free dishes all available in distinct menus.

Chef’s Choice

For starters, try their honey baked goat cheese which is a decadent appetizer for either lunch or dinner, no matter the time.

After that, follow up your meal with their melted grilled cheese which is adored by many.

Also, their cheeseburger can be another delicious addition to your feast as it features stuffed patties made from Angus beef.

Satisfy your inner sweet tooth by getting a cup of their vanilla ice cream or trying their deep-fried double-filled Oreos as an end treat.

As for the drinks, their Irish Mule and their lovely strawgaritaville will tingle to your senses in the best manner.

10. Hot and Hot Fish Club

Hot and Hot Fish Club

Why it’s a must visit?

The hot and hot fish club was opened in the year 1995 and is a beloved award-winning diner famous restaurants for its contemporary approach towards blending different cuisines of California, French, and Southern to create innovative dishes with scrumptious flavors.

The restaurant is located around the entertainment hub of Birmingham and is often called the Pepper Place market District by the local public.

No one leaves this restaurant disappointed, as it delivers every delicious dish that you can imagine from different regions and delivers them in the most upscale fashion.

Crediting to its luxurious space and atmosphere, one can figure out why this place is one of the top restaurants in the city.

Also if you are into astronomy and want to dine under beautiful shining stars, then this is your dream place as its outdoor setting delivers that possibility.

And because of all these gorgeous details, it’s one of the fanciest places to dine on your dinner dates for a romantic evening.

Chef’s Choice

Get a fresh start for your day by ordering their saffron fettuccine or Charcuterie plate with hearty southern cheese as a good starter meal.

After following the above dishes, fill your stomach by getting their chicken Roulade or their thoroughly cooked braised short ribs as your main course meals.

Your feast won’t get completed if you forget to try their sweet Elton’s chocolate scuffle that is sure to give you a lingering sweet aftertaste.

11. Gianmarco’s


Why it’s a must visit?

The Gianmarco’s restaurant has flourished since the year 2003 for serving staple Birmingham cuisine in the most sensational form.

It’s among the many luxurious restaurants Birmingham Alabama situated near Griffin Brook which runs parallel to the famous Broadway Street lined with numerous live theaters.

If you are out to celebrate the most memorable birthday of your life, then visit this restaurant as it’s owned by a family, and its eatery options are one of the best in all of Birmingham.

It also allows its visitors to enjoy special cocktail hours before celebrating any special event and also provides them with a wholesome four-course meal in a comfortable setting.

The chefs here have lots of experience and are masters when it comes to preparing diet-restrictive food options in the most delicious way.

Their vegetarian options are equally delicious as the non-veg ones which is a great thing to consider.

Chef’s Choice

One gets to experience the best lunch in Birmingham by visiting it from Wednesday to Friday, as it features unique dining options during that time.

Their flash-fried calamari and four cheese torta exhibit an unfamiliar yet unique taste that pleases all your senses in a fruitful way.

Whereas if you love pizza and spicy things, then you should give their spicy Calabrese a try as it a heaven for any pizza lover and has an unmatchable taste with veal Parmesan seasoned over flavorsome spaghetti.

The restaurant also displays a menu with multiple pasta choices but one of their favorites is the linguine pasta which comes with clams and lasagna Bolognese as a full course meal.

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12. Hattie B’s Hot Chicken

Hattie B's Hot Chicken

Why it’s a must visit?

The Hattie B’s Hot Chicken restaurant officially began its journey in America’s most beloved city – Nashville, almost ten years ago.

Since then, the restaurant has expanded its branches to several areas in the US, especially in four districts Memphis, Birmingham, Las Vegas, and Atlanta.

Any chicken enthusiast would find their mouthwatering dishes irresistible as their meals get highly praised all over the world for their soft white meat taste and cooking perfection.

It’s the best place to visit for those people who love spicy food at varied six heat levels made from different spices and have a good tolerance for various spicy food sauces.

Due to its laid-back atmosphere, the restaurant has become a hit among the local people and foreigners alike, who like its quirky setup.

Overall, it’s a fantastic place to visit as one always leaves everyone satisfied with its colorful fried chicken range and appetizing sauces.

Chef’s Choice

As it’s a specialized chicken food joint, all of the dishes here are made with white meat, and one of the best ones that you can try here is their hot chicken sandwich which comes filled with excellent chicken breast chunk pieces wrapped with sauce, coleslaw and pickles that give it its fantastic flavor.

But if you want to try something which is a pure chicken dish, then test their platter, which comes with wings that can suffice for an entire group of four people.

The drink option here is impeccable, with several handcrafted and domesticated craft beers, draft pins, and pitchers that are easily accessible.

If you’re not a big fan of liquors, but love to try refreshing drinks, then take a look at their drink menu which features drinks like ice tea, hand squeeze lemonade, and soft drinks.

13. Automatic Seafood and Oysters

Automatic Seafood and Oysters

Why it’s a must visit?

The automatic seafood and oyster restaurant is located in the vicinity of Lakeview and is among the trendiest and most recently opened restaurants in the city.

The restaurant shares its hearty location inside the automatic sprinkler corporation building, which was a renowned manufacturing facility that was refurbished into a full-fledged seafood restaurant.

It’s one of the best places to grab delicious breakfast as it opens on weekends before 12 PM and serves people fulfilling seafood dishes.

Its modest atmosphere is one of the reasons why it has attracted the attention of the public who love to dine with ease while celebrating reunions with their friends or family.

It’s not only a hit with tourists but is frequently visited by the local public, who love its seasonal menu that they can experiment with every time they visit this place.

The fresh catches by the local fisherman also add to this restaurant’s wonder.

Chef’s Choice

Relish their half dozen raw oysters, BBQ shrimp, and grits with smoked salmon to get a refreshing start to your incoming week during morning hours.

But if you prefer to stick with classics, then trying their bananas foster French toast would suffice you well with its delicious taste.

Other than that, their cheesy burger is a great option too.

For dinner options, nothing could beat their grade surf and turf which highlights a unique New York strip, crispy potatoes, bordelaise, mushroom Conserva and gulf shrimp that taste divine and feel filling.

If you want to try a conventional dish, then the ribeye is also available here.

14. Slice Stone Pizza and Brew

Slice Stone Pizza and Brew

Why it’s a must visit?

The slice stone pizza and brew is a local restaurant set in proximity to the Lakeview region.

The restaurant also has a separate branch situated in Vestavia Hills, which is a countryside town in the city.

This simple restaurant gathers its ingredients locally from regional farmers who provide people with fresh food without any preservatives or chemicals.

By following this sustainable mindset, the restaurant proves its excellence in helping local farmers sell their products directly to the restaurant branch itself.

Due to these several reasons, the restaurant has become one of the most adored restaurants in Birmingham.

The restaurant also takes special care in changing its menu every now and then so that people can find something refreshing and creative every time they visit this place.

The pizzeria is also a spectacular place to chill with your friends or make unique connections while enjoying their lovely beer collection.

Chef’s Choice

Indulge yourself in the delicious 12-inch hot mama traditional pizza which contains several appetizing ingredients like mozzarella cheese, peppers, basil, salami, asiago, and Orégano seasoned on top with thick honey.

One can also try their Bejelieh special which contains chopped red onions, bacon, and banana pepper rings, which have a remarkable taste as well.

One’s dining experience gets more elevated if they get their fire-baked wings which are the crispiest and tastiest.

Also give their unforgettable dish – slice’s classic handcrafted cocktail a try which comes with Bulleit Bourbon, garnish, Britters, and syrup.

One also gets to customize their own margarita drink according to any flavor that they like.

15. Surin West

Surin West

Why it’s a must visit?

The restaurant Surin West was established in 1995 and is known for serving delectable Thai cuisine located inside a trendy location just some blocks away from the University of Alabama.

The restaurant, besides serving Thai cuisine, also delivers people Pan-Asian food in numerous varieties.

So if you are a food enthusiast, then make sure that you visit this place as it offers people a unique culinary adventure to uncover global fare. 

The restaurant also expands its base by hiring expert chefs who are either native of Japan or have trained in Japan itself so that they can offer the most authentic creations of Asian cuisine with signature dishes like sashimi or sushi.

The restaurant also gets a lot of praise for its special coverage of the drinks menu; especially its full martini menu that displays wine options inside a bar setting that is perfect for a thrilling night.

Chef’s Choice

Get a rush of excitement by trying their Pad prick which is one of their most authentic creations of Thai-inspired cuisine that uses stir-fry techniques to create its dishes.

The pad prick blends several ingredients in a balanced form by using sliced onions, bell peppers, straw mushrooms, and garlic, which are cooked to perfection with their spicy pepper sauce.

As for Thai curry, the best one here is their chicken Penang which deserves a try.

As you are finally here, it would be wise to savor their maki rolls in six pieces which come seasoned with organic sesame seeds.

Seafood lovers are also covered here through dishes like spicy tuna rolls or their delicious California rolls which have some of the best flavors you can try here.

16. Galley and Garden

Galley and Garden

Why it’s a must visit?

The Galley and Garden restaurant is located inside the Marriott house and is a flourishing restaurant in the Highland Avenue historic district which gives it its ultimate prominence.

The restaurant features a funky atmosphere while also featuring exciting American cuisine.

As the restaurant is located inside a historical place built in 1908, it gathers the attention of a lot of people who like to explore the city with its many historical landmarks and thereby has become a famous tourist spot that people often dine at.

Though the restaurant has a significant history, it started its food excursion almost seven years ago but has risen quickly in popularity for its reputation for delivering decadent southern dishes with a classy style.

On a side note, the restaurant has also earned the title of being among the many great restaurants to visit in the city due to its pleasant atmosphere.

Chef’s Choice

Make yourself happy by trying their three-course meal on Sunday as a brunch option with your friends or your family by beginning it with their seasonal fruit parfait.

Their slow braised Angus beef is another fantastic main course option that you can try.

And seafood lovers won’t be disappointed with their delicious gulf shrimp and soft stone ground grits.

Nothing could beat the restaurant’s most highlighted option here which is their special brownie that comes with a mixture of chocolate coffee beans, walnuts, and brown butter ice cream all in one single dessert.

17. Blueprint on 3rd

Blueprint on 3rd

Why it’s a must visit?

Blueprint on the third restaurant was founded at pepper place in the year 2018 and has become one of the most recognized places that serve regional cuisine in the most remarkable form.

The restaurant also has won several awards due to its impressive food choices and generous hospitality.

The restaurant is excellent if you’re looking for casual surroundings with varied food choices.

The restaurant, in particular, displays an upscale vibe that prides itself on serving decadent dishes with fresh drinks and a spacious atmosphere.

As it has a seasonal menu, one is always gets introduced to new dishes every time they enter this place.

Also, the food presentations are beyond amazing and will visually and gastronomically appease you.

Chef’s Choice

Get a tantalizing experience by giving their starters like cold water mussels and flavorful Louisiana oysters a try.

As who prefer a healthy diet can also rejoice in themselves by getting their vegetable salad which comes with locally sourced lettuce which is healthy and tasty as well.

But if you want to taste something unique and not like your conventional seafood dishes, then their single platter of surf and swim mixed grill, which comes with numerous seafood varieties like raw fish, red bean rice, catfish, alligator, and shrimp, well leave you fully satisfied.

18. Cafe Dupont

Cafe Dupont

Why it’s a must visit?

The Café Dupont is a traditional restaurant serving classic new American dishes and open its gates in the year 2003 in Birmingham.

The restaurant was initially established in Springville which is another town in Alabama during the year 1994.

The restaurant follows a sustainable technique by holding connections with local farmers for almost ten years to get the freshest produce for creating its seasonal dishes.

The restaurant also displays the catchphrase of ‘slow food’ by encouraging its visitors to savor their food slowly so that they can enjoy the tantalizing flavors of the dishes which are incredibly unique in taste.

By following this modern approach, this diner proves its excellence in hospitality and service, which a lot of food adventurers search for.

Chef’s Choice

Try their palpable seafood dish which is their fried oysters or okra which comes with delicious cayenne butter dressing as they are the nicest offerings here.

Another dish that won’t leave you disappointed is their roasted sea scallops which come filled with stuffed goat cheese soufflé. 

In the same way, the classic beignets which come with strawberry flavors would impress you beyond your expectations.

19. Perry’s Steakhouse & Grille

Perry's Steakhouse & Grille

Why it’s a must visit?

The Perry’s Steakhouse & Grille restaurant is a superb diner that has a distinguished aura for delivering the juiciest steak in town with high-end meat quality.

Sean exhibit at 10,000 ft.² space all set inside a spacious Summit area.

Undoubtedly, this place has one of the most fantastic locations all over the city which is ideal for celebrating private special events through its spacious atmosphere.

The restaurant also features four dining halls, an outdoor seating option, an island pub, and other loads of opportunities to get the most daring experience with your favorite people.

A lot of food experts have given rave reviews about this restaurant’s high-quality steak and wine selections which adds to its overall extravagance.

This restaurant should be on the itinerary of any meat lover as its vast number of non-veg dishes here are divine and offers a sanctuary to enthusiastic non-veg people.

Chef’s Choice

For the appetizers, order their most frequently requested dish, pork chop bites with their special gluten-free soup named French onion.

Accentuate your seafood experience by taking a sip of their refreshing jumbo shrimp cocktail, which is flavorsome beyond extent.

The Pork chop comes with self-chosen meat from the regional Midwest area and has a mouthwatering taste that is smoky and sweet all at once.

Whereas vegetarians can enjoy the vegan skillet sliced steak that contains chargrilled veggies with seared mushroom gravy.

20. Satterfield’s Restaurant

Satterfield's Restaurant

Why it’s a must visit?

Satterfield’s restaurant was authentically founded in 2004 and delivered an exquisite range of delicious Southern dishes with a lot of flairs.

The restaurant not only serves southern cuisine but also masterfully fuses it with global flavors like Spanish, Italian, Mediterranean, and French.

No matter what, make sure that you give this place a visit as it will delight all your culinary fantasies with its many gorgeously created dishes.

A lot of people love how this restaurant follows the equilibrium in managing an upscale atmosphere with a soothing dining setting that gives it its own charm.

With such a vibe, this restaurant has established itself as one of the best family restaurants Birmingham AL that people can visit to have a happy dinner.

Other than that, the restaurant also enthralls its visitors by giving them live music performances during special events that are held on some days of the week which further makes it a spectacular place to visit.

Chef’s Choice

Begin your culinary adventure by feasting on their scrumptious dish, which is Gulf Coast blue crab claws, and their roast cauliflower which are greatly admired by its customers.

Some other great options are their steak tartare, which features handcrafted caper berries, mustard, toast points, and cornichons as impeccable side dishes.

The braised boneless beef short ribs are another one of their many exquisite main course entrees which are an exceptional delight to your taste buds.

Also, sampling a glass of their espresso martini or their cosmopolitan drink as your main cocktails will further enhance the overall taste of your dish on many levels.

Almost every cocktail here comes with unique flavors that are exceedingly hard to forget due to their exceptional taste.

21. Daniel George Restaurant & Bar

Daniel George Restaurant & Bar

Why it’s a must visit?

The Daniel George restaurant and bar it’s one of the premium diners in Birmingham.

As soon as one enters this place, one can see how the restaurant juxtaposes the founder’s name within its title, simply adding to its sophisticated beauty.

One gets immediately enamored by the restaurant’s charming atmosphere as it also provides entertaining features as well like having a golf course that people can enjoy after feasting on its many darling dishes.

Chef’s Choice

The restaurant has an immaculate atmosphere due to its multiple extravagant layouts, like its impressive wine collection, which comes in several colorful varieties.

The dishes here have also received a lot of rave reviews from its loyal visitors who like to feast on their delicious American cuisine created in an innovative manner with a touch of French delicacy.

Not to mention, that its menu is seasonal that changes during summer, spring, autumn, and winter while also delivering people the freshest catches of seafood.

22. Dreamland BBQ

Dreamland BBQ

Why it’s a must visit?

The dreamland BBQ is a place full of Alabama urban legends which adds a breath of beauty to its overall prominence in Birmingham.

The restaurant was officially started by three members named Bo Jackson, George Wallace, and Bear Bryant who used their genius to create eclectic signature dishes.

The restaurant is just like its name says – a dreamland, as it features a quirky atmosphere with rustic layouts, old-age photographs, and historical pictures and signs that are reminiscent of Jerusalem city which holds the legendary history of Christianity within its essence.

Chef’s Choice

The restaurant is a particular barbecue diner that serves graciously cooked BBQ ribs whose prominence has spread far and wide in Birmingham.

Another spectacular dish that also has an eye-catching name is their big daddy, which features BBQ ribs, signature dressing sauce, and some pieces of pure white Sunbeam bread that are a perfect shareable platter if you are craving a delicious feast.

Pair those dishes with their exquisite draft and tap beers, and you’re good to go.

Famous foods to try in the city

Seafood – As Birmingham is famous for its location at Lakeview, the restaurant delivers the most organically derived and freshly caught seafood through local fishermen that come in several exquisite forms for creating simple appetizer dishes like oysters or fish soup to more sophisticated ones like shrimp tempura, sushi, crabs, clams, fried octopus, lobster and a lot more. Due to its use of fresh ingredients, the dishes here feel incredibly flavorful, fresh, and healthy as they’re free from any tampering through the use of preservatives. In a nutshell, it’s a haven for seafood enthusiasts who can appreciate the sustainability in seafood catches that this city prioritize.

Cocktails – The cocktails here have earned reputable praise from local people as well as foreigners who love the mixes that the chefs produce by expertly mixing different flavors to create innovative drinks. But the one cocktail which is this city’s unique treasure is their shrimp cocktail which uses the flavors of the sea to intricately add flavor to the drinks that feel out of this world.

Fried Chicken – Ultimately, the fried chicken is a big hit here as it’s not only deep fried or roasted in a superficial sense as many conventional diners do, but is made with six different heat levels of sauces that range from the least spicy to the spiciest that vary according to a person’s tolerance towards spicy flavors. By using such a unique approach to creating its own signature fried chicken, the city proves how one simple dish can be reinvented into something more exciting and a hundred times delicious.

Final Thoughts

Birmingham is one of the US’s most important cities, which defines its relevance in several global cities. The biggest reason for this goes for its impressive culinary food scene, whose reputation has reached several corners of the world and often gets inspired by the creation of other distinct cuisines as well.

So if you are a food enthusiast who is keen on their excursion towards discovering multiple delicious cuisine options, then it’s a matter of fact that you need to find a good place to eat in a city full of thousands of restaurants. In that way, we hope this article on the best Birmingham restaurants was able to help you with your venture and has answered your queries.

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