The Best Late-Night Restaurants in Atlanta

15 Best Late Night Restaurants in Atlanta | 2024 (Top Eats!)

Atlanta is one of the most exciting cities to spend a glorious night full of memories.

The nightlife in Atlanta is one of the best in all of the US and definitely deserves to be experienced at least once.

The city brims with vibrancy through its beautiful headlights, bustling culture, and late-night restaurants that provide 24-hour service. 

Besides that, it seems that Atlanta has a sense of excitement to it that calls for a need to enjoy a good night out with your friends or family.

As one is bound to get hungry while exploring the city at night, it’s worth looking at some of the best late-night restaurants in Atlanta.

The Best Late-Night Restaurants in Atlanta This Year

1. El Rey del Taco

El Rey del Taco

Why it’s a must visit?

The El Rey del Taco restaurant literally means the king of tacos and, indeed, lives up to its title.

This restaurant remains open till late at night, around 4:30 AM on Fridays and Saturdays, but on weekdays; it mostly remains open till 2 AM.

Anyone who is craving some Mexican specialties with taco options will definitely love dining at this restaurant near me.

Chef’s choice

There are dozens of taco options ranging from goat to steak meat, goat meat, chorizo, and tongue to Al Pastor in the form of mini tacos.

These are primarily available for brunch but also for nights in the form of homemade tortillas that are worth enjoying at this place.

Other than that, they use smoked meats à la Plancha with dozens of seafood options and complementary margaritas and pitchers.

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2. Octopus Bar

Octopus Bar

Why it’s a must visit?

The Octopus Bar is a perfect place for night owls to visit to reclaim their spot and enjoy delectable dishes.

This restaurant serves one of the nicest late-night food in Atlanta and doesn’t close as late as 2:30 AM.

The food here is also unlike any other and is ideal for grabbing during late hours, because of which it is one of the many cool places to eat late-night food in Atlanta.

The child of the renowned chef Nhan Le and Angus Brown runs this restaurant.

The diner shows its excellence through the culinary crafts of Alexander Young’s dishes.

Chef’s choice

The restaurant serves the tastiest dry fried eggplant with served skin that comes seasoned with icicle radishes and black garlic oil.  

This eggplant food near me also comes delicately fused with a sheet of creamy chèvre and trendies of radish parts on top of it.

It’s basically one of the many great 24-hour restaurants in Atlanta that also serves delicious varieties.

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3. Victory Sandwich Shop

Victory Sandwich Shop

Why it’s a must visit?

The Victory Sandwich Shop restaurant is where one goes when wondering where to eat exquisite varieties with a late-night open bar and bustling atmosphere. 

This adventurous late-night food spot in Atlanta is one of the most famous restaurants known for its entertaining activities like ping-pong instant tables and having a wicked sense of humor.

It’s definitely a 5-star restaurant and bar that also has a slushie machine, which has made it pretty popular among enthusiastic youngsters.

It was first started in 2013, and with various developments, it became one of the many fancy restaurants for its spacious patio space and table tennis corner.

Chef’s choice

The restaurant serves dozens of delicious sandwiches that also come along with complementary side options.

Other than sandwiches, they also have tasty snacks and salads that are available till 2 AM with specialized drink options.

It also serves one of the most iconic drinks here with its Coke and frozen whiskey and its glamorous location in Inman Park.

Location and Contact

4. Argosy


Why it’s a must visit?

The Argosy restaurant is a hidden gem in Atlanta that exceeds expectations with its easy-going and heartwarming atmosphere.

The restaurant is enveloped with custom build wooden furnishings and sea creatures hanging from its walls with analog parlor games.

It’s a pretty spectacular place in East Atlanta village to enjoy a fancy night out at one of the must-eat places in Atlanta.

Chef’s choice

One of the top-rated choices here is their Shaolin wings that come with purple daikon and to kill mayonnaise.

In the same way, their charred octopus that comes with fried capers, fennel, and fingerlings makes for a pretty good late-night snack option.

Also, their sleeper-hit pizza, which is served till late at night except on Sundays, is one of their most iconic dishes.

The pizza comes with spotted trotters which are sourced toppings, and Wood fired crust.

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5. Poor Hendrix

Poor Hendrix

Why it’s a must visit?

The Poor Hendrix restaurant is a humble storefront restaurant situated on the residential stretch at Eastlake in Atlanta. 

It’s one of the top late-night open restaurants in Atlanta with a clubhouse fee; it is perfect for young and stylish people to visit.

The cosmopolitan atmosphere air of the restaurant, with its charming chef Aaron Russell, delivers people superb selections they can ever think of.

Chef’s choice

The restaurant introduces people to the concept of fine dining with various exquisite alternatives like salads.

The salads here are created from fine selections of items like local lettuce, peanuts, pickled green beans, and manchego.

It also elevates the image of deviled eggs with its delicious duck prosciutto that is served with rice Krispies as treats and wings.

It also has a late-open bar menu with stylish small-plate dishes and other cheap, delicious treat options.

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6. D29 Korean BBQ Restaurant

D29 Korean BBQ Restaurant

Why it’s a must visit?

The D29 Korean BBQ restaurant is one of the most excellent barbecue restaurants open till late at night in Atlanta that serves exceptional Korean barbecue options.

It’s a growing restaurant that remains open till 2 AM on weekends like Fridays and Saturdays, serving Korean barbecue delicacies.

It’s also one of the best family restaurants for late-night dining in Atlanta, which is undoubtedly pleasant in every way.

Chef’s choice

The restaurant is known for its glistening slices of mouthwatering pork belly, ribeye, and marbled brisket that are made over charcoal grills.

With several electric counterparts available in various Korean barbecue restaurants, this makes for a pretty convenient option for late-night Korean snacking. 

Its chef Hae Woon Dae keeps delighting the local people here with their various specialized Korean BBQ delicacies that are hard to forget.

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7. 8Arm


Why it’s a must visit?

The 8Arm restaurant is spearheaded by Chef Maricela Vega, which has revolutionized Atlanta’s late-night food scene.

This restaurant first popped in during the year between 2017 and 2018 and became one of the trendiest places for young people to visit.

It takes inspiration from its cultural background of Mexican, Bangladeshi, Vietnamese, and polish romantic accents with its deeply plant-based dishes.

It remains a perfect spot for dates and late dinner dishes on Fridays and Saturdays and Tuesdays and Thursdays with one-of-a-kind dishes.

Chef’s choice

The restaurant serves the tastiest food near me, with five-minute egg selections containing crunchy rice that mingles extremely well with radicchio, zucchini, and cabbage. 

Other excellent dishes are their oyster mushroom platters that come with a beautiful fusion of pumpkin seed creme, brassica fleurets, and chimichurri.

The food here is so delicately made, that it brings a rejuvenating effect in the morning to begin your day on a bright note.

Location and Contact

  • 710 Ponce De Leon Ave NE, Atlanta, GA 30306, United States
  • Phone:-
  • Email:-

8. The Bookhouse Pub

The Bookhouse Pub

Why it’s a must visit?

The Bookhouse Pub restaurant is a perfect place for chilling with your friends and enjoying various colorful cocktails in its gorgeously designed Pacific Northwest lodge space.

This restaurant is by far one of the coolest places in Atlanta, located within a strip mall, and is highly famous among youngsters. 

The reason why this restaurant is so trendy is probably because of its Twin Peaks reference, which this restaurant strongly refers to with various features and actual bar food.

Chef’s choice

Some of their biggest highlights are chorizo burgers, poutine with mushrooms, and grass-fed or braised beef. 

The restaurant has a beautiful back patio with an open-air tiki lounge that feels exceptionally enchanting with a dim-lit interior and backlit panels with stained glass and wooden carved statues.

The restaurant is known for its delightful late-night meals that are served till 1 AM on weekends and are also available till midnight except on Sundays and Mondays.

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9. LEON’s Full Service

LEON's Full Service

Why it’s a must visit?

The LEON’s Full Service restaurant is a place for chatting, eating, making lifelong connections with people, and enjoying experimental drinks.

Anyone who is a drink fanatic will absolutely fall in love with this place as it delights various snobs who like comfort meals with exquisite drinks.

With its divine Mediterranean-influenced comfort meals that are served for the rest of the week, this restaurant has become one of the best on our list of late-night open Atlanta restaurants.

Chef’s choice

As glorious as the drinks are, its small meals like cherry salad and warm chickpeas also make for tasty options. 

Its cherry salad comes with age provolone and basil with reasonably priced fries that one can choose between nine dipping sauces. 

It’s a delightful experience dining here and is perfect for coming in a large group to enjoy a pleasant night out with friends and eating on their patio.

Location and Contact

10. Aria


Why it’s a must visit?

The Aria restaurant is situated at Buckhead in Atlanta and is known for its fancy and upscale late-night dining experience.

It’s a sophisticated restaurant filled with extravagant details like white tablecloths, gourmet dishes, dim lighting, and courteous service.

The mellow atmosphere of the restaurant, with its exceptional cellar selections, has made it one of the best luxury late-night restaurants in Atlanta. 

Because it’s such a fancy restaurant, booking a reservation here beforehand is recommended.

Chef’s choice

The restaurant is known for its mouthwatering dishes like a jumbo lump crab cake, braised lamb shank, duck confit, and octopus tempura.

The wine list here is exquisite, with more than 270 options, making it one of the most high-class late-night open bar restaurants in Atlanta.

It also has a secret hideaway,  dessert, and red wines, with more than 1500 bottles in its wine cellar.

One is bound to feel pampered here because of its 5-star service and peaceful environment.

Location and Contact

11. 10 Degrees South

10 Degrees South

Why it’s a must visit?

The 10 Degrees South restaurant is another restaurant diner situated at Buckhead in Atlanta that feels like Johannesburg. 

It is a perfect place to immerse one cell in an authentic South African culinary experience with beautiful romantic features like a candlelit dining room.

The sophisticated atmosphere of the restaurant, with a fusion of diverse dishes, has made it one of the top-rated late-night open restaurants in Atlanta.

The musical performances held at this restaurant create the most congenial romantic mood that is perfect for dates.

Chef’s Choice

The restaurant serves an exceptional fusion of Indian, Portuguese, French, Malaysian, Dutch, and German dishes.

The delicate touch on such diverse selections with featured seafood, seasonal and game meats with exotic spices brings up a different image to this restaurant.

Also, it’s worth continuing it with their palate Safari with a glass of exceptional wine and dessert-like Di’s delight that comes with a moist fruit sponge cake.

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12. Bar Margot

Bar Margot

Why it’s a must visit?

The Bar Margot is situated in the Four seasons hotel Atlanta on the west side of Midtown and remains a perfect place to come and enjoy a funky hang out in large groups. 

The creative selections of menu options here, along with high-class beverages and some of the most excellent bartenders in Atlanta, make this restaurant pretty great.

It is a perfect place to set up a lovely and pleasant mood by checking out their vinyl library section with more than 10,000 records of artists.

It’s a perfect place to gather and enjoy a relaxing night out.

Chef’s choice

The restaurant serves creative platter options with dinner entrées like crab toast, frog legs, sweet slices of bread, and fresh oysters.

Also, the kale salad here is offered alongside various delicious beverages ranging from coffee to cocktails that the bartenders perfectly make.

The various incredible spins on creative dishes as well as colorful cocktails, make visiting this restaurant quite a delightful experience.

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13. Bistro Niko

Bistro Niko

Why it’s a must visit?

The Bistro Niko restaurant brings the taste of Paris with its modern French cuisine right into the soul of Buckhead, Atlanta.

It’s the ultimate place to enjoy extensive wine varieties with attractive craft beer and cocktail options.

The stellar items available here through the Excellency of chef Gary make it a fascinating romantic spot to come with your significant other.

Chef’s choice

The restaurant serves delicious varieties of drinks that fit every kind of palate.

It showcases classic French cuisine options with innovative dinner, brunch, and lunch spins.

Their specialty is the charcuterie board, veal tenderloins, Maine scallops, and fresh oysters.

Location and Contact

14. Canoe


Why it’s a must visit?

The Canoe restaurant is situated beautifully on the banks of the Chattahoochee River in Vinings, Atlanta, with beautifully manicured gardens and a lush layout.

Nature lovers adore this picture-perfect restaurant which provides them with a breath of fresh air with panoramic views.

It delivers people an exceptional alfresco dining experience with a beautiful terrace and lovely weather.

Chef’s choice

The menu is filled with modern American cuisine options that are made from seasonal and fresh ingredients.

Delightful options like grilled salmon, slow-roasted rabbit, and lamb Bolognese are some fascinating options that have a delicate feel to them.

It’s better to start your date night by choosing between their unique 300 wine options, which are all spectacular in flavor.

Location and Contact

15. Banshee


Why it’s a must visit?

The Banshee restaurant is an upscale diner that prides itself on serving the most mouthwatering new American cuisine with modern decor to sway its customers.

One of the most incredible aspects of this restaurant is that it uses locally sourced ingredients from farmers.

It also has a seasonal menu that changes according to weather demands and farmers’ produce.

And because of its use of organic items, the restaurant passes the message of sustainability to its customers.

It also has a pleasant atmosphere to give people a soothing dining experience.

Chef’s Choice

If you want to begin with something light, healthy, vegetarian or vegan friendly, then you can go for their tasty Wedge salad which has a lovely flavor.

As for your next entree, you can go for something heavier and filling, like their roasted hanger steak topped with celery root, goat cheese puree fresh, beets, and sliced onions.

At the end, you can give yourself a good, sweet treat by having their classic cheesecake that comes with hazelnuts which has a delicate sweetness to it.

Location and Contact

Final Thoughts

Atlanta seems like a glorious destination to have fascinating night outs that are one of the lifetime experiences.

Night outs seem like a thrilling activity, either with your partner or your family, that helps you give it a bit from your regular routine.

It’s pretty fascinating to see so many vibrant establishments offering late-night cuisine in the most distinctive form that can only be seen in Atlanta.

It’s almost unreal that this list of some of the best late-night restaurants in Atlanta can offer you much more than you can imagine.

Have fun exploring and bon appétit!

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